Knit & Crochet

Baby Blanket, Check!

Hello lovely reader! I did it! I may have been hustling to the last minute to get it finally done, but that doesn’t matter anymore! The blanket has been finished and handed over to the lovely family at Christmas to enjoy! Here’s a few photos, because what’s a handmade blanket without some showing off? So…… Continue reading Baby Blanket, Check!


Knit & Crochet

And now, for something completely different.

Check out my knitted wrist warmers.  I recommend not using sparkly yarn.  The sparkly part is a bit itchy. I made these a while ago, and of course forgot to upload the photos.  Because I forgot where I put them.  Because I am not as organized as I like to think I am.  Stop judging…… Continue reading And now, for something completely different.