Mentor Me

Do a quick google search and you will find plenty of resources on how to be a good mentor, or how to find a good mentor, great traits that mentors have and bla bla.

Most of us are in serious need of a mentor.  But you can’t just find a mentor.  It’s not like you can go shopping for one at your local grocery store, or custom make your mentor online.

So far, every mentor I’ve had, I have taken for granted and never realized they were a mentor to begin with.  Which is why I am going to appreciate the new mentor that landed in my life.

Mentors, when you have them, are great.  They could be older or younger than you, but they have those life experiences that you don’t, and they help you put things in perspective.  They teach you how to connect the dots when the string has fallen, how to make sense of the jigsaw puzzle, and how to keep yourself afloat in the process.

If you’re lucky enough, you will find a mentor in your field to teach you the ropes of your job.  Or push you to find a job that fits you.  Mentors are these special individuals who care about you as a person, not just what you can do for them.

I am very lucky to have a mentor who will sit with me and go over any questions I have regarding my work.  And I am also very lucky that this mentor is a superior.  Personally, those are the best mentors.  Because they know that their job will be better off if you know how to do yours.

The only thing I wish I could do is appreciate the mentors I had, when I had them.  Instead of regretting it now, after reflecting.

Although knowing how mentors are, they probably already know I appreciate them.

Stay quirky!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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