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Cup Holders

Cup holders.  A first world solution to a first world problem.  But honestly, why not?  According to the New York MTA around 1.8 billion people use the subway service and 85 million people use the railroad annually.  That’s a lot of people.  Most of which are probably repeat riders, like myself.  I see many people carrying coffee or tea canisters with them in the morning, and eating their breakfast on the train.

Which got me thinking.  Why are there no pull down tables or cup holders?  Most seats on the railroad are like airplane seats, so why not have a cup holder or little tables on the backs of the seats in front of you?

I’ll tell you why not.  Because there’s those inconsiderate jerkoffs who think the world revolves around them. And you know what’s going to happen when these tables and cup holders are introduced?  A bloody mess.  They’ll spill their food and drinks, and won’t clean up after themselves.  Or just leave their crap on there for someone else to pick up.

We can’t have nice things, because people are disgusting.  There’s a reason the seats are not made of cloth, and it’s not because it looks nicer, it’s because it doesn’t stain and cleans easier you disgusting slobs!

Maybe, just maybe, if you all learned how to be neater and cleaner, then we might actually get to have nice things.  Like cup holders.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


3 thoughts on “Cup Holders

  1. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. When someone has to go and ruin something for everyone else. Not everyone is a slob but since some people are inconsiderate and don’t think about anyone but there self, we all have to suffer for it.

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