Knit & Crochet

Le Hat Noire


The lighting is slightly bad on these pictures, but this hat is black.  Made with very black yarn.  That shimmer you see there? Yeah, that’s also black shimmer.  Not clear, not white. It’s black.  I would recommend this for the trendy person out there, as it’s got that flare to it.  Pairs well with other dark clothing.  Our lovely Amber is modeling.  She has no head, hence why the hat looks so droopy.  It’s not easy for her to model head gear when she only has a wooden neck… Poor Amber…

Yarn is soft acrylic, with the shimmer being polyester.  Or I think the shimmer was rayon.  I forget.  This was knitted.  The price is suggested, can totally negotiate.  Trying my hand at actually selling what I make.  I only make 1 of what I post, so once it’s gone, it is GONE. But I do take commissions!  If you like the hat and want a different color, I can certainly figure out how I made it and try to duplicate.  Although there is no guarantee it’ll be the same.

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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