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Overheard on The Train II

The train is a fun place, isn’t it?  You get to experience all these personalities, and yet pretend that no one exists unless you need to leave the train and you don’t have an aisle seat.

If it weren’t for other people, the train would be awesome.  But unfortunately, we share the world with the likes of… well, everyone.  So even if you like them or not, you will encounter them.

Here’s a fun exchange I had the privvy to watch:

Lady 1: *is typing on her laptop; her bags strewn across 3 seats*

Lady 2: *sits on the opposite of Lady 1, next to the window seat.  Accidentally bumps laptop/knees (didn’t see it) of Lady 1, who is facing the seat of Lady 2.  Says, “excuse me,” like a civilized human being*

Lady 1: *shifts and stares at Lady 2*

Is everyone enjoying our story so far?  Can you guess what will happen next?  Don’t worry, I won’t leave you in suspense.

Lady 2: *apologizes again*

Lady 1: There’s plenty of seats… *as she glides her hand in the air to emphasize the point*

Lady 2: I prefer the window seat.

Lady 1: *rolls eyes; slides a few seats away from Lady 2*

Lady 2:  Hah…

Lady 1:  You have some kind of sickness.

Lady 2: Oh, that’s rich.

Lady 2 in our story, promptly gets up, pushes past Lady 1 (this time on purpose), moves to seating behind me next to gentleman who let’s her sit next to him by the window seat. He has the aisle seat.

Lady 1 moves back to her original seat.  And as the train slowly fills up, the conductor chimes in from the speakers to announce that, “since the train is 2 cars short today, everyone must make all seats available.”  He goes on to explain that bags must be placed above, in the appropriate place, or by the feet.  No bags should take up a seat.

Lady 1 has to promptly move all her shit, or she WILL get spoken to by the ticket ushers and the conductor.  I’ve seen it happen.  It ain’t pretty.

In my opinion, Lady 2 got sweet justice.  But at the cost of her initial seat.

Also, don’t ever accuse anyone of a “sickness.”  We know you mean she has a mental problem, that’s not funny, and you damn well should not be using it to be rude to anyone.  If you want to call her a bitch, go for it.  Do not, and I mean do not tell anybody they have a “sickness,” just because you want to take a jab.  You are the reason people have a hard time getting help when they need it.  Stop being a problem.

Just a tiny bit of unsolicited advice at the end.  For good measure.

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


4 thoughts on “Overheard on The Train II

  1. This would never fly in Toronto! I’ve seen someone move someone else’s stuff out of the way without saying a word. People know their rights!


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