Daily Life


Holy shit, you guys. HOLY. SHIT. YOU. GUYS.

A doggie sat in front of me on the train and was the cutest thing!!!! His name was Bear and he was a year old!!!! But I was too nervous to talk to his owner, because I’m like that, even though she was totally nice and spoke to everyone who asked her questions about her fur-baby.  And on top of that, he did not move from her bag the entire time!!! What a good boy!!!!!!

Incognito shot of Bear:


I don’t care what you say! He’s cute!!!

Also, I’m sorry Bear’s mom, I know I didn’t ask you to take a picture but he was so cute!!!! I don’t have your face in the picture, so I hope it’s cool!

Okay, that’s that for now. Bye!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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