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Different Layout

Hello my beautiful reader!

In case you haven’t noticed, I have changed the look of my blog.

Why?  I don’t really know.  But, I really didn’t like the old layout.  It seemed too much.  It was a little too busy in some places and not enough emphasis on the actual substance.  So, I decided to go with a more aesthetically pleasing layout.

I know, you were expecting a fun post about something interesting.  Well, I am very sorry to disappoint you but I wanted to show off a little bit.  No, I did not create this layout, but it’s pretty.

In other news, I am procrastinating a lot regarding what I want to write here.  I have them written down, but I am running out of motivation and some steam. Sometimes being motivated is hard and I don’t feel like being fake and pretending to be super happy and funny in every post.  So let’s do a little something different.

Here’s some pictures of my cat.

I know the internet loves its cats.

This is hers now
Her stupid face forces me to give her food
This is also hers
Why is she so cute
Why is she addicted to paper licking?

See you next week!!!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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