Daily Life

Tragedy Has Struck

Hello my beautiful reader,

Something incredibly tragic has happened.  I know, I know.  Society is in turmoil, countries are at war, politics are out of hand, and you turn to me for some entertainment!  Yet, here I am, adding to the horrors of the world.

I can’t go on, unless I share this.

The worst thing possible has happened.

Before I could even use it for the first time, I dropped my bronzer and smashed it to pieces.



The sheer and utter disaster!  I just opened it to use it for the first time!  I had not yet even applied my brush to it!  I had not yet even touched it with my finger to swatch!!!!  AND I DROPPED IT!!!

Everything came out of the pan and made a terrible mess.  I sat there gently collecting all the pieces and putting them inside.  I’m not letting that go to waste!  But it’s so sad!  It had such a pretty imprint on it, and now I will never be able to enjoy the look of it… only how it looks on my face… which, by the way, is actually really pretty.  If you’re of the light skinned spectrum, but not pale, this adds a really nice warmth if you apply it around the face.

Thank you for staying with me, my darling reader.  I apologize for the completely awful news that you had to read.  I hope this hasn’t ruined your day.

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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