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Short Story Time

Hello gorgeous!

I hope you are doing well.  The weather today was muggy, rainy, and gross, so I hope you’re having a much better day than that!

Today is one of my commuter short story times.  You know, the times when I see or hear something interesting while commuting and I just HAVE to share?

Yeah, one of those days.


I had just arrived into the city and was walking to the north side exit.  It’s basically a way to avoid the chaos of the main concourse, and a faster way to get to my building.  On this side of Grand Central, there is a very long and wide corridor that connects all the entrances to the train platforms.  Not only is it a nice way to avoid chaos, but it’s also a quicker way to get to your train.

So, as I was walking to the exit, I see this young couple off to the side, close to one of the walls.  It was very obvious they were trying not to be in anyone’s way.  The young woman was holding a baby and trying to help the young man.

What was she helping with? The baby carriage.  You see, baby carriages have to be compacted when on the train for room.

This poor couple.  It’s hard enough being new parents, you’d think baby carriage makers would help out and make it a little easier to undo those things!

For the short span of time I was watching them, I learned a lot about baby carriages.

The main thing I learned was that they are cumbersome as fuck, and a pain in the ass to open once they’ve been condensed.  Who, in this world, thought it would be a great idea to make it as hard as humanly possible to undo a baby carriage?  I can only imagine the hard time they must have had trying to condense that thing.

I felt so bad for them.  I even wanted to walk over there and ask them if they needed some help.  I highly doubt I would have been any better at it, but I was willing to go over there and help out.  But I over heard the man, whom I am going to assume is the husband, saying something along the lines of “there we go,” so I decided he figured it out.  Because, apparently, these things need figuring out!!!!

How about you make a baby carriage a little more user friendly!

Have any thoughts on this or a story of your own? Feel free to leave it in the comments!

See you next week!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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