Hey there!

Have you ever tried to figure yourself out?  This is the part where you tell me that this is an incredibly loaded question and find out where I’m going with this.  I know, I know. But, have you ever tried to figure yourself out by searching the internet?

Like those quizzes that will tell you which Hogwarts House you would be sorted into, or what type of dog breed you would be based on a few questions, or please tell me what kind of cat I would be if I were to be a cat!

You go through these quizzes, or look at your horoscopes and think “Yes! This is SO me!”  But, is it?

My blood type is A Negative.  I legitimately searched the internet for what kind of personality I would have based on my blood type.  One website said:

Individuals with type A blood put others first. They’re great listeners and make for excellent friends. What they’re not so good at is expressing their own emotions – they’d much rather bottle things up and cater to the needs of others. Over time, thiscan lead to issues like depression and anxiety.

While another website said:

People with the Type A negative blood group, are said to be open and honest, and very outgoing. Type A negatives are also known to be very professional in their dealings, they appear more cool, calm and collected than they are often feeling inside, they tend to be very good at covering their anger with passive aggressive behavior. Type A negatives are sometimes very talented in their field and love to compete, they live to conquer anyone in the same field and bring them down. On the surface they can seem very popular, but dig a little and you could find very shallow friendships, as one too many have felt their wrath or their knife in their backs. Try to avoid being so ruthless in your dealings, and you will be much happier in life.

Searching the web for this kind of stuff, and trying to figure out who I really am, is kinda cool.  It’s also really stupid.

A website or quiz or a list article isn’t going to have any more insight into who I am than me.  Yeah, it’s pretty cool knowing that I would be a Pug if I was a dog, but at the end of the day I am just trying to figure myself out.

Tell me how ridiculously different those two personality descriptions are!  I am legitimately too lazy to stab anyone in the back, much less compete and conquer… Do you want to know what my favorite activity is?  It’s sleep.  I fucking love sleeping.  I love my bed, and I also love laying on the beach when it’s hot.  Any activity that requires me to not be awake, is the best activity.  Second best?  Anything that doesn’t involve talking to people.  I crochet and I knit, and I also make jewelry, and I am trying very hard to be a voice actor.  What do these things have in common? That’s right!  It’s just me!!!

So, although it’s pretty neat and cute to try and figure out parts of you through fun quizzes and comparisons, nothing in the world can tell you who you are except for you.  And maybe your loved ones.  They’ll be sure as to tell you it isn’t a secret that I love sleeping.

I guess my point in all this is don’t take these things to heart.  They are fun, but don’t define yourself based on what you pull up from some silly online quiz or article.  It’s hard enough navigating the maze of adulting and life living, I’d rather not make things harder by defining myself with some silly labels.  The best things about us is how different and similar we are.  We connect based on our similarities, but we also connect on our differences.  It’s so hard being yourself, it’s even harder when you try to be something you’re not.

You are good enough.

Be good!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest

PS: I still haven’t figured out which cat breed I would be if I were a cat, but I’m 99% certain it would be whichever one sleeps the most.


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