Knit & Crochet

Baby You Scarf Me


This adorably super long scarf took a bit longer than usual to make.  The stitch alternates between a Treble Stitch, a Half-Double stitch, and a Single stitch.  I have forgotten what order they are in.  I’m sure if I look at it I can come up with the pattern.

The color is a very very light blue/green type of color.  Very gentle.  I forgot the yarn type, but I’m pretty sure it was either cotton or acrylic.  I only ever buy those yarns because they feel better in my hands when I’m crocheting or knitting.  For some reason most others are just awful when I try to make anything.

This is totally for sale if anyone wants it! I have not measured it, but my mannequin is about 5 feet tall.  I made her shorter than me so I can actually reach her.  That’s right Amber, you don’t get to be taller than me!  Like I was saying, if you need measurements I will be more than happy to provide.

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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