Daily Life

I Own a Cat


To be fair, nobody really owns a cat, but to the extent that a cat can be owned, I have one of them.

I bet you were super surprised. Whoa, a knitter who owns a cat?  That is unprecedented.  It’s like ground breaking societal standards here.

Yeah, I get it.  It’s stereotypical.  And I love it.  She has her moments when she’ll want to play with the yarn, and she’ll have her moments where she’ll just want to sleep on me.  Thus preventing me from working.  Which is fine, cuz she is so freaking soft… it’s unbelievable.  The worst part is that she hates being touched.  So the only moments you have are the ones where she comes to you, otherwise, you are on your own.

She is a unique cat.  Not really the stand-off type, and yet is the stand-off type to a T.  It’s like she’s bipolar, but in cat form.  Or she has multiple cat personality disorder.  Or, she’s way too smart for her own good and she likes to fuck with me.  That last one is the most likely scenario.  Her eyes look like she just knows things.  I don’t know what it is about her eyes, but they just look like she’s too smart, and knows way too much.  Her favorite pastime is playing the chase game, which involves me chasing her and then she chasing me, then eventually stopping and licking paper.  Her favorite type of paper are magazines, but she’ll enjoy most papers.

She’s a paper addict. She can’t stop herself once she smells it.  It’s like cat-cocaine to her.  She has ruined a few documents here and there.

And I let her get away with it too.  Because she’s fluffy and adorable.  And she’s incredibly photogenic.

It’s too bad she loves me back with her nails and teeth.

If I am revealing too much of myself, please feel free to stop me.

Quirkly yours,
The Quirky Digest


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