Black or White

I call this, The Double Necklace.  For it is not one, but two necklaces in one.  I made it, and then a friend of mine wanted it, and I think it took me about a year to actually plan a date and give it to her.  Or I still have it.

See, what happens is: I will plan to hang out with my friend.  On the day the hanging out is supposed to happen, I become excited to see her.  So, in my excitement, I forget all else.  We will meet up, chat, eat, laugh, and then part ways when it becomes too late and we both realize we have to go to work the next day or have some ridiculously early plans to prepare for.

A day or two later, I’ll remember that I didn’t give it to her, text her about it, (at which point SHE realizes she also forgot about it), and the cycle is repeated.  Because our lives are pretty busy, and so are our jobs, we don’t get to just see each other whenever we want.  And that’s the story with most of my friends.  I know we’re still friends, though.  The fact that we don’t get around to talking every day, or seeing one another every day, doesn’t mean I don’t consider you my friend.

I know you have a life.  You have your dreams, goals, hobbies, etc.  Which is why when someone reaches out and asks to hang out or if I reach out and ask to hang out, it’s planned.  It’s done days or even weeks in advance.  Because we don’t got time for everyone.

Although I may not be very prompt with responding to people, or hanging out as frequently as they want, I’m still your friend.  Just from really far away.  And probably too busy to tell you that.

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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