Daily Life

I Am Stubborn

I get it from my mother.

That’s not true. I get it from myself.  Although I probably picked it up from a lot of the people I have interacted with, during my short time on this planet.

But I am very stubborn.  And I’m stubborn about things that don’t even matter, while I am a complete pushover with other things.  I can’t think of a good example of being a pushover, but I know a very recent and good example of when I was stubborn.

This example involves the train.  Those of you consistently reading my blog, I apologize.  You probably think that I’m homeless and live on the train, but I really just have a lot of opinions about it.

The other day I got on, as usual, and sat in the double seater next to the window.  The entire ride, I was lucky to be by myself, and most of the train was quite empty.  I, however, had the unfortunate realization that I sat underneath the air conditioner.  It blew on me the entire way down.  My commute is an hour.  So, for an entire hour, I dealt with freezing cold air blowing at me.

Did I move seats?  No. Why? Because I am too stubborn to move.  For some reason, my ego refuses to give up the seat I have chosen, so I had to “persevere” and make it to the city while freezing.

What do I get for sitting the entire ride in the freezing cold?  I freeze and suffer.  Other than that, there is no reward.  So, why do I do this to myself?  Why do I constantly and stubbornly push through a decision I make?  The same thing happened during winter one year, when there was no heat in one of the cars, and I sat through the entire ride freezing.

There’s no cookie or medal at the final stop for sitting through a freezing train ride.  And yet, I refuse to budge.  My body screams and wants to leave, and yet I tell it “Fuck you, we’re doing this.”  It’s not weakness to get up and move.  No one cares.  There is no judge to tell you that you can’t get up from your seat.  But there I was… being a stubborn brat, all by myself.

I don’t know if I had a point to this post, but try not to be so stubborn.

Does anyone else have this problem???

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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