Knit & Crochet

Black Shawl

Hey, remember that white shawl I posted a few weeks back?  Well, a friend of mine saw it and was like “give me a black one.” To which I said, “fuck yeah, let’s do this!” Without realizing that I am also wedding planning… So while I worked on it for way too long than I needed to, it also sat in my room for a lot longer than it needed to as well.  Waiting to be mailed out, with no end in sight.  Finally I picked it up and just went to the post office.

Could I have gone during my lunch hour at work? Yes. Did I? Nope. But, why? Because I kept forgetting it at home.  Yes, I know I could have put it in my bag the night before, but I don’t have that kind of foresight! Don’t judge me! I’m a bride to be with way too much going on, who is still trying to do her favorite hobby.

Seriously, though, I have to get my shit together.

I hope you like it!  No idea what the pattern is, I just make them as I feel like it.

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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