Fairy Lights

Hey there, my talented reader!

Today, I am going to share a secret with you.  Aside from the fact that I enjoy talking about my commute, love makeup, and really enjoy crocheting and knitting, I am also… *drum roll*….  a voice actor!

Bam, just blew your mind.

I have a tiny home studio, with as much sound dampening as I can muster on my own, but it’s quite dark in there.  Yes, I do have a fluorescent light that I can turn on, but that just changes the whole mood and makes everything look like the sun is in your face.  I don’t necessarily NEED light in there, I read from my tablet which is great for saving paper (and hence saving money).   But sometimes it just so dark, it gets a little depressing.

So I got, what the internet calls, “fairy lights.”  I purchased them from Amazon, and they wrap around from my computer area, around to the back of the small room, and into my microphone studio area.  I then took it upon myself to go a little fancy and wrap around the wedge foams, which turned out really cute.  There’s different levels of dimming, and they can even go crazy and flash.  I don’t need any flashy stuff, but the ambiance of the slightly dimmed lights, is so nice.  It creates a soft glow, and is so relaxing.  Which is great for narration reading.

Do I HAVE to have these lights? Not really.  But are they helping? Yes.  I would totally recommend these for anyone who needs light, but doesn’t want to start heating up underneath the one strong bulb.  And these guys don’t get hot.  They’re LED’s, so while they do get a little warm, it’s no where near what normal lights get to.

Lookit! So cute!

And it comes with a tiny remote!

For anyone looking for some mood lighting, fairy lights are the way to go.  And they’re not even that expensive.  I highly recommend investing in these cute guys if you’re in the market for lighting.

See you next time!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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