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Train Time

Hello lovely reader!

I hope you are having a wonderful day today.  If it’s not wonderful, I hope you are able to take a few moments to relax and let the negativity wash away.  Take a nice hot shower, or even a bath if you have a tub, and just chill for a little while.

Then, let’s talk about the douche-bags on the train.

First, there’s this asshole:

Exhibit 1: Asshole.

This douche-nozzle, a few days ago, decided that the best thing for him to do, would be to take up THREE seats during rush hour commuting.  He purposely sat lower in his seat, so that his knees were almost hitting the lady at the end of my row.  As you can see, she is facing her legs almost into the walkway because ass-hat has no idea what personal space means.

I’m shaming you!  I doubt you’ll ever see this, but just know that you are a piece of floppy fish who stinks like one too!  Why are you taking up THREE fucking seats?!?!?! There’s an overhead rack that you can put your bag and coat on! The dude never even touched his bag during the entire ride home…

If you ever see this, go fuck yourself!!!

Next up, is this:

Exhibit 2:  Empty vessel where Asshole once sat.

Let us discuss this picture.  Here, you can clearly see the angle the picture is taken from.  My bag is in the middle seat.  In the morning there are less people on my train, so there is usually extra room.  What I want to bring to your attention, is the newspaper.  The piece of shit human being, who is not pictured, read each section of the newspaper.  He kept leaving what he read on top of my bag, and would read the next section.  No biggie, my middle seat is also your middle seat, I can share!

He couldn’t.  He kept slowly moving my purse with the next newspaper he would put down.  There is plenty of space for your paper, bruh.  But no.  ALL THE SEATS ARE HIS!!!

So, after he finished reading his damn paper, in the loudest possible way you can read a fucking newspaper (and we are in the QUIET CAR, FUCKER!!!), he leaves his entire paper load in the middle seat and also half over my purse, then he gets up, and leaves.  No, he didn’t go to the bathroom.  He fucking took the express lane and fucked off.

After I, so generously, shoved his fucking newspaper away from my bag, I decided to take the nice snapshot of the fact that this fucker not only had the gall to ignore personal space and etiquette rules, BUT HE ALSO FUCKING LITTERED ON THE TRAIN!!!! What the fuck is wrong with you?!?!  This is New York!  There are special bins just for recycling newspapers!!! And they’re not hidden or hard to get to, they’re literally on every platform.

I have no words for the seething anger I felt toward this human version of shit.  Seriously… who does this shit? And why?!?

The majority of the time, the commute is fine.  No issues, and no problems.   And then there’s assholes like the ones above that just make you go, “what the fuck????”

It was nice sharing with you!

Have a lovely rest of the day!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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