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Hello reader!

I hope you are doing well on this cold (in the North East) Wednesday.  I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are, but here it’s quite chilly.  I guess it was time, since we’ve been having gorgeous weather for the past week or so.  When I say gorgeous, I mean gorgeous.  It’s not too hot, not humid, not cold, or too chilly, it was just the perfect temperature and the sun was hitting us just right.

Also, Easter just went by, this year my Easter landed at the same time as Easter in the US, so my hubby and I celebrated by having lunch with my parents and dinner with his.  I was very tired after all that food and socializing.

So, let’s talk about some yarn.

I know, I’ve been talking about everything else except that recently (and don’t worry, I have more train stories, I doubt those will end unless I stop riding the train), so it’s time to go back to talking about YAAARN!!!

I discovered these skeins called “Shawl in a Ball” at my AC Moore craft store.  Yes, I shop at AC Moore for my yarn, you can’t judge me, do you have any idea how much yarn they have?!? I’ve tried Michael’s and also JoAnne’s, you can not compare the amount of yarn they have to AC Moore.  It’s like comparing a child to an adult.  At least where I live.

Anyhoo!!! I got these cute multicolored skeins thinking, “Awesome! I can get a shawl out of one of these! Great! I’ll get 3 different colors, and hopefully the patterns on the label will be different.”

So, I decided to start out with this lovely purple/blue/grey ball and test out the pattern to see if it’s any good.

…. Except, there is no pattern.

When I removed the label and looked on the inside, where usually free patterns are, it was just instructions to go to the Lion Brand website and peruse their website for patterns…

I guess I was expecting too much.  Whatever.  I went to the website and am now in the process of working on this pattern.  Yes, of course I went for the free pattern.  I already paid for the yarn expecting a pattern with it.  Why else would you name something “Shawl in a Ball”???  I’ll leave updates on how it goes and how it turns out, and if I like it, I’ll try some of their other patterns with the other 2 skeins I got.

But seriously… am I the only one who thought there would be a simple free pattern on the back of the label?  I know it usually says somewhere in the fine print on the label “Free Pattern,” and I didn’t look for that, but am I assuming too much by expecting the pattern just based on the name of the yarn?

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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