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Train Shaming

Hello my darling reader,

It’s time for some more shaming on the train.  If you remember this post, you will be ready to know what’s coming up.

Dirty people live amongst us.  They’re everywhere, and they wear all sorts of clothing to blend in.  Every day, they walk next to you, in front of you, behind you.  Don’t be deceived, they are disgusting and they live among us.

You wouldn’t think it at first glance.  Why, see my example below here.  This man, had brought his breakfast aboard the train with him.  There is nothing wrong with bringing breakfast with you, only I had a feeling he would leave his garbage there, so I took a sneaky picture.

Garbage right next to him

I am sitting next to the window, the sun is coming through.  Our main character in this story has finished eating his food, and left the wrapper and napkins next to him.

What caused me to think he would not pick up after himself? Intuition? A sixth sense? He smelled bad?

He kept trying to be sneaky and push his garbage closer to me.  I can see you. The woman in front of us can see you.  We can all see you.  You’re not sneaky, married man in a suit.  Because after you left the train, I took this picture:


Between the first picture and this second one, he managed to get up and use the bathroom, and move around a lot.  Like, he was beyond fidgety.  As you can see, the plastic wrap is no longer on top of the napkins, he has managed to push them as close to me as possible, and was in a “hurry” to leave the train.

Bitch, we all know you ain’t slick! We all watched you run off the train like a kid who doesn’t wanna get in trouble.  You’re a grown ass, married, professional man.  And you can’t pick that shit up, and drop it off into one of the MANY garbage cans on your way out?  You have to pass at least 3 to exit Grand Central Terminal.  And that’s if you’re walking the back way, there’s way more if you exit the front.

Either way, you got no excuse, mofo! You dirty, POS!  You married, AND this is how you treat public transportation?!  You treat your house like this? You expect her to clean up after you?!?! Fool! You betta not pull that shit next time!

I’m gonna put you on blast again, if I have to! Pick up after yourself! You grown!

Share with me your own experiences of obnoxiousness!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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