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Now for Something Completely Different

Hello lovely reader,

It has been a long time since I have just shared something nice and random from my personal life.

Yes, I am still working on that shawl in a ball, I will add an update on how it’s going soon.  But instead of complaining about my commute and my fellow humans, I have decided to just share a few pictures from my life.

A few weeks ago I spent the weekend at my friends place, who happens to live in a place called Philadelphia! Have you heard of it? It’s not that new, but she and her husband were kind enough to let me and my hubby chill with them.  They took us to a few historic places, and we got to see the infamous Liberty Bell.  With it’s giant crack in the middle of it (the picture includes full grown humans next to the bell, for scale).

It was moved indoors, and there is a nice little museum of stuff you walk through and read about before you get to see the bell. There was even a cool plaque that you are encouraged to touch.  I’m not sure if the sign is legible, but I tried to take a picture of it and the sign below.

And, then a little while back, the weather was finally gorgeous out, and we had a supervised outing with the resident cat.

The reason she is supervised is because a few years ago she used to be unsupervised, and she got into something that sent her to the kitty hospital.  So, now, she is supervised whenever she goes outside.  She’s not happy about it, but it’s for her own good.  There’s plenty of hissing and growling if I get “too close,” but that’s too bad.

In the picture below she was in the middle of smelling and rubbing herself all over the dirt.  Such a dirty kitty.

I hope life is going well with you!  Please, share with me anything you want!  I am always happy to read any comments or random events.

See you next time!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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