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Some Good Cooking

Hey Good Lookin!

What’s been happening with you? Have I got some catching up with you to do.

So, legit, I spent about a week and a half in Bulgaria right before Christmas in December. I got to catch up with some family and was able to have a nice lunch at my brother’s place courtesy of my sister’s cooking (sister-in-law, but we don’t differentiate like that in Bulgarian). Not even joking, her cooking is on fire. And not only that, but she goes all out and makes it presentable! What’s that, you spent $5,000 at some fancy pants restaurant? Yeah, I got a bad-ass sister.

Time for you to get jealous:

Awww, yisss.

Don’t blame me for ruining it. The food was delicious.

What food is that? I hear you mumble. I’m so glad you asked! She made salmon, with this delicious sauce that you can pour or dip the fish in. The circle thing is potatoes. Potatoes! Have you ever seen such pretty potatoes?? And the noodle things are carrots with sesame seeds on top. Everything was seasoned with magic and I felt terrible ruining the look, but I regret nothing by eating it!!! It was delicious!!!

Share with me something yummy that you’ve had where you felt slightly bad for eating it (but not really because it was awesome).

Until next time!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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