Daily Life

Only in NY

Hey Good Lookin!

I hope you’re doing well today.  If not, let’s have an interesting chat.  In my opinion, you can always find the quirkiest individuals when you go to a large city like New York.  Nothing bad about that but, sometimes, you didn’t want to find them.  Other times, you didn’t need to see that.

Take this lovely lady strolling down the street. It wasn’t very warm that day, and nothing particularly special was happening, but what does she care? She’s living life on the fast lane…


Do I want to know why she’s dressed in only her undergarments? No.  Is there a reason she chose to go outside without clothes in a fairly chilly day? Probably.  Neither of those things are my business, but that won’t stop me from taking a picture and sharing it with the internet.

Maybe she’s just being fashion forward.  Who am I to tell her what to wear?

Until next time!

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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