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That Monotonous Task

So, everybody has that task that they hate. Maybe not hate, since that is a very strong word, but definitely dislike. That task that makes you groan every time you think about it.

For me, it’s editing audio. As a voice actor, in the modern age, I have to do a lot of different things and be a lot of different people. On top of being a voice actor, I have to be a business person, a marketer, an accounts billable/payable person, sound engineer, etc.  None of those things make me groan as much as having to sit down and edit audio.

I don’t hate editing audio. Sometimes I love it. The stretches of time I get to myself to just cut things and listen.  The problem comes when, as an audio-book narrator, I end up having hours upon hours of audio to edit. I usually make it easy for myself when I make a mistake recording, by making a loud click so the audio spikes, thus making a marker of where to delete. The problem is, I know I sometimes forget, so I have to listen to each chapter for any double takes that I didn’t mark.

The second problem, comes when there is problems during recording. Problems I can’t see until playback. Like when entire sentences are mushed together and sound like they’re skipping. And then I realize I forgot to do something to make sure the computer is recording smoothly.  Troubleshooting, but also doing it after the fact is a huge pain.

At the end of the day, I think I realize that I don’t dislike editing. I dislike when things go wrong, but I am only realizing it after the fact…

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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