Voice Over


So recently I discovered a podcast in my field. It has quite a few epiepisodes, which I have already listened to. But here’s my thing… is it helpful? I noticed some of the episodes were good and I learned some new things. But then others don’t work for me.

It could be one of those things that’s like “if it applies to you, listen. If not, tune out.” However, like most podcasts, each episode is almot an hour (or longer). At what point is it a time investment and at what point is it a waste of time? Our time is precious, and amongst all the things we waste our time on, I just don’t want yet another thing that pulls me instead of bettering me.

Does anyone else feel like that? This is my first foray into podcast listening, but I am not sure if I prefer it over reading. At least with reading I can skim through and see if there is anything relevant. The podcast… I don’t see what the next line is so I can’t skip the audio for fear of missing something.

Is it just me? Should I listen to entertainment podcasts instead? Or are podcasts just not for me?

Until next time!

Quirkily yours,

The Quirky Digest


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