Thank you designers

Wedding Dresses With Sleeves And Pockets

For putting pockets in my dresses.

No really. THANK YOU!

I had honestly given up on pockets a long time ago.  As most people of the female persuasion, I had realized that pockets were just not for my clothes.  They were for the men and their many knickknacks they like to keep in their pockets, as I would look on with envy.

But us ladies… We have purses!  As if that somehow equates to having a piece of fabric that comes with your clothing that conveniently doesn’t cost you extra.  I truly believe it’s the fashion industries way of selling women more crap than we need.  If we had clothes with pockets like the mens’ clothes do, we wouldn’t need purses.  However, because we do not have pockets in most of our clothes (even our pants), we feel we must buy a purse to carry our daily requirements.  Like money, and keys. We don’t even have a place to put our keys.  KEYS!!!! The very things we need to get into and out of our homes!!!!! Screw you designers who purposely put “faux” pockets on my pants and no pockets at all in my dresses!!!

However, I have very high and very honorable respect and appreciation to those designers who put pockets in my dresses.  I like wearing dresses.  They are very comfortable.  And it’s very easy to go to the bathroom while wearing one.  So the added benefit of pockets?!?! Holy shit, the possibilities.  I can put my phone in there! My keys and money! Snacks! There’s so much I can do, where do I begin! I don’t know, but you know for a fact those pockets are getting filled with goodies!

Which begs the question.  Why don’t more designers put pockets in the dresses?  They’re incredibly easy to hide.  Especially in dresses with a flare skirt.  There’s just so much fabric.  Honestly, most of the time I’ve discovered the pockets, it was after I bought the dress.  Completely by accident while putting the dress on and fixing it, or after it’s been washed and it’s inside out.

I like surprise pockets.  They make my day.  We as ladies have gotten so used to not having pockets that when we do get them, it’s a fun little present.  Like the designer thought of you especially.

So, thank you designers who put pockets in our skirts and dresses.  You’re the real heroes of lady’s fashion.

Quirkily yours,
The Quirky Digest


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